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At Industrial Fire Services, LLC, our project managers will plan, oversee and manage your project to ensure that it comes in on-time and within budget.

Our project managers will engage in effective communication, giving them the ability to structure their questions to find the best solutions for the client and their facilities.  We will provide guidance each step of the project, and will ensure to have everything completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

With our weekly job cost reporting, it allows us to provide the most accurate and up to date information to our clients.  Our project managers will do their best to provide a seamless project by ensuring the following steps are put in place:

  • Conduct long range project planning and scheduling.

  • Maintain all safety, quality and jobsite requirements.

  • Communication with the superintendent to ensure proper staffing on each project for the most productivity.

  • Conduct field site visits during all stages of the project.

  • Pulling proper permits and abiding by NFPA codes.

  • Direct communication with the owner, general contractor or end user.

Project Management

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